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/'Stitch-Up' by Sophie Hamilton (Templar, May 2014)/

If you know nothing about the publishing world, in particular about the publishing of debut novels, then you would think that the publication of a debut novel would be accompanied by fireworks, outpourings of emotion, huge slaps on the back as the sales started to sky-rocket …

At the very least, you would expect a gathering of literary-minded folk, a few cocktails, a polite word in your ear …


Dream on, pal.

Sophie Hamilton who – disclaimer alert – is my wife, is also the author of  ‘Stitch-Up‘; a savvy and fast-moving thriller set in a multi-cultural London that is a heartbeat away from the present. Aimed at the YA reader, it tackles issues of media-manipulation, body image, the dispossessed, and the power of youth in the face of the powers-that-be.

For myself, my hat is being thrown into the air and I am letting off fireworks on a daily basis.

For Sophie, the reality is somewhat different.

As the author, she now has to deal with the multi-faceted world of multi-platfrom social networking; she has to work out which friends, or even acquaintances might be “helpful‘ to her; she has to involve herself in campaigns, bloggers brunches, and marketing strategies that she wasn’t even aware existed.

Hell is, sometimes, what you wish for.

But then, but then, but then … there are moments when you meet and connect with someone who you know is potentially one of your readers.


And that moment makes it all worthwhile.

The dream does come true.

All Sophie has to do is continue writing, and ignore the meaningless static of the publicity machine. Without her, there would be no ‘Stitch-Up‘. And I would have no reason to raise my glass, and tell her how proud and amazed I am that she produced such a riveting read.

That is why this first post on c. burkham is dedicated completely to Sophie Hamilton.




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