& criminal lines



opportunity knocks ...

The London literary agency AM Heath is running a competition which closes @ midnight on 5 May 2014 for UK-based writers.

Details @: amheath.com/blog/criminal-lines

This seems to be part of a growing trend among agents & publishers – that is, they are calling out for submissions which basically circumvent the tired & simplistic circus of author searching for agent who in turn searches for publisher.

I’m not saying the circle is broken, but the AM Heath competition, along with the recent competition by Borough Press, & the open submissions @ Vintage Books [vintage-books.co.uk/capesubmissions] suggest that the well-worn formula of the sainted ‘gate-keepers‘ is finally found to be … well, more tainted than sainted.

Despite everything, there is still an appetite for writing in the hallowed halls of publishing. It is simply a matter of searching out these worm-holes of opportunity and burrowing in.

Who knows? We might be able to lay our eggs there.

Who knows what might hatch?





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